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Private Education Society
is one of the most well known and reputed educational institutes in Kolhapur.  Before the independence on 11 th  June 1883 the "Private English School" was established by Vibhute Guruji i.e. Ramchandra Narsinha Kulkarni. He was greatly inspired by the thoughts of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Gopal Ganesh Agarkar. He started the school in Kolhapur, to provoke the feeling of nationalism, independence, sacrifice and  courage among the students and the younger generation for dear motherland.

    By overcoming the initial difficulties and hard time of that age in the British rule the Private Highschool stepped into the further development. No. of students increased. In 1904 Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj was sympathized with the school and granted the annual fund for school, from government.

  Thus, nearly 36 years Private Highschool  was belonged to Vibhute Guruji, as his own school. But he never capitalized it for his own benefit.  It was named as "Private High School." At that time there was only one (British) government school in Kolhapur apart from Private High School. In August, 31, 1919, the Private Education Society was founded. And Vibhute Guruji consigned the school to the Private education Society.

    Along with Vibhute Guruji Late A. V. Joshi, Vasunana kulkarni, B. V. Tikekar, D. S. Munishwar, D. G. Gangatirkar, R. Y. Yaranalkar, G. B. Astekar, S. S. Pulsule, G. S. Khasbardar, M.M. Kulkarni, K. B. Kulkarni and D. R. Umaranikar   put their heart and soul into the institute and contributed for its prosperity, progress and constancy as well. Private Education Society is proud of all the Ex. Headmasters, Teachers for their contribution for the progress of institute.

    Now a days, as per constitution of this education society the institute is administered by the Governing Council. All the members of Governing Council pay their contribution for the progress and constancy as well.

Late Shri. Vibhute Guruji

The Private Educaion Society,

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